How to take care of Hair in Monsoon Season?

1. Shield Your Hair from Rainwater


The water is many times acidic or grimy which can hurt your hair.

2. Establish A Proper Hair Wash Routine

Wash your hair something like two times or threefold per week to eliminate the testimonies from your hair and scalp.

3. Keep Your Hair Dry

As the level of stickiness is now high in the blustery season, you ought to take additional consideration to keep your hair dry during this time.

4. Use The Right Comb

It is smarter to involve a wide toothed look over for your hair, particularly when it is wet.

5. Keep Your Hair Short

It is ideal to keep a short hairdo in the event that you are confronting a great deal of hair fall during rainstorm.

6. Adopt A sans hassle Hairstyle

It is ideal to go for a base styling haircut during the stormy season.

7. Follow A Proper Diet

Your eating routine plays a significant part to play in keeping up with the wellbeing of your hair.

What Should You Apply on Your Hair During Monsoon?

> Fenugreek and Lemon > Neem and Turmeric Paste > Aloe Vera and Yogurt