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Tim Cook Opened 1st Apple Store in India 2023

Apple First Store in India

Apple First Store in India

The store was packed with buyers from all over India and was expected to be one of the first to come to the store as part of an event with local musicians and folk dancers. About 300 fans arrived at the Apple First Store in India, Mumbai on Tuesday. People took photos with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who inaugurated the company’s tech company-owned Apple first retail store, highlighting the importance of the market.

Cook is coming to India for the first time after seven years. “We are thrilled to officially open… We have our apple first store in India. As part of an event with local musicians and folk dancers, the store was packed with buyers from across India in hopes of being one of the first to come to the store.

Apple Products Release Date 2023

Release Date 2023Model
January 24, 2023Mac Mini (M2/M2 Pro 2023)
MacBook Pro (M2 Pro/M2 Max) (14-inch, 2023)
MacBook Pro (M2 Pro/M2 Max) (16-inch, 2023)
February 3, 2023HomePod (2nd generation)

Despite Apple products being sold online in India, people had gathered on the streets since last night to buy Apple products. A lot of visitors wore T-shirts, which were popular with the company’s co-founder Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had his hair cut to the shape of the Apple logo, and one person also brought the Apple version of the original Apple computer, which was introduced in 1984. “The atmosphere here is different,” said 23-year-old Aan Shah, who came from the western city of Ahmedabad to attend an event in India’s capital Commerce.

It’s Unlike Buying at Any Other Retailer

There’s no way to compare. It’s just thrilling. Their passion for Apple led him to open stores in New York and Boston as a student, where he had the chance to talk with Cook. Apple first store in India had earlier faced difficulties in opening retail stores within this South Asian nation, but the company’s products were sold in online stores as well as its online store launch in the year 2020. The store is opening at a time when Indian customers are looking for ways to upgrade their phones to sleeker models with more features, priced under $120.

Apple Products Release Date 2022

Release Date 2022Model
March 18, 2022Apple Studio Display
March 18, 2022iPad Air (5th generation)
March 18, 2022iPhone SE (3rd generation)
March 18, 2022Mac Studio
June 24, 2022MacBook Pro (13-inch, M2, 2022)
July 15, 2022MacBook Air (M2, 2022)
September 16, 2022Apple Watch Series 8
September 16, 2022Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)
September 16, 2022iPhone 14
September 16, 2022iPhone 14 Pro
September 16, 2022apple iphone 14 pro max
September 23, 2022AirPods Pro (2nd generation)
September 23, 2022Apple Watch Ultra
October 7, 2022iPhone 14 Plus
October 26, 2022iPad (10th generation)
October 26, 2022iPad Pro (11-inch) (4th generation)
October 26, 2022iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (6th generation)
November 4, 2022Apple TV 4K (3rd generation)

Still, Apple’s smartphones are priced at something in India that accounts for only 3 percent of the share. The brand new store, located within the Reliance-owned Jio World Drive Mall, opened for bloggers and analysts at a special event on Monday. Several Indian TV and film stars attended the dinner with Cook at night. Another store located in Delhi is opening, and the capital will open on Thursday.

Apple first store in India is a manufacturing hub, some items like iPhones manufactured in India are being manufactured in India through Taiwanese contract electronic manufacturers Foxconn and Wistron Corporation.

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