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Top 10 Best UI Design Portfolios That Will Influence You

Top 10 Best UI Design Portfolios That Will Influence You

An attractive and stunning portfolio is important to attract customers and the organization’s attention. In a world that is fluctuating and uncertain, the market is changing due to the recent pandemic, as are the demands of job seekers and employers. So it has become crucial for UI graduates to have their portfolio stand out among other designers so that clients and companies can recognize their skills and talent.

For your UI design portfolio, one can always look up to excellent and eye-catching portfolios of fellow designers for inspiration.

First, Let Us Understand the Purpose of a Ui Design Portfolio:

A portfolio of UI designs allows you to showcase and present your art and creativity to clients and design companies that want to hire your services. A portfolio gives an insight into your work in an aesthetically presented form.
Following are UI design portfolio that might help you:


He is a self-taught designer based in Singapore currently working for DBS Bank as a product lead designer. Bady’s portfolio standouts as navigation is simplified, and one can scroll down to have an overlook of his work. His portfolio provides a glance at his previous results, prominent clients, his skills, and his experiences. The critical aspect that budding designers can learn from Bady’s portfolio is that attractive visuals enhance the content and make it appear more relevant. Adding a blog section proves to perform wonders and help reach potential audiences. For the best graphic designing services, check out Aphonic Solutions, a leading graphic design company in Rajkot that helps you effectively convey your vision to customers at the best prices.

Jeremiah Shaw

He is a 3D designer from San Francisco working for Apple. Jeremiah Shaw’s work focuses on animation, user interface design, product design, and 3D illustration. When you look closely at Jeremiah’s portfolio, several aspects will leave you impressed and stunned. The sidebar menu standouts than the usual left-hand side menu bar. On the home page, you can glance at his work, which is a piece of art in itself. The major takeaway from his portfolio is simplicity, and less is more; his work speaks for him and his skills. The top website development company in India uses the services of UX and UI designers to develop various digital solutions like graphic design, Web development, and mobile apps.

Mengdi Zhang

She is a software engineer from greater Boston, USA. Her designs focus on emotional connection and social values, along with her designs reflect her personality. As you open Mengdi’s portfolio, you can see an illustration of a boat; what is fascinating is the one-screen layout. Her creative procedure is clear and reflects her UI and UX designing skills. The aspects that make her portfolio stand out is her is the highlighted keywords that quickly draw the attention of clients and employers.

Sam Small

He is a UI/UX designer from Kansas City in the US; when you look at his portfolio, It reflects his approach to design, brands, and identity. The backdrop of his website showcases his versatility in designing environmental graphics and creating multiple user-centric disciplinarians. The major takeaway from Sam’s portfolio is that it reflects his personality and skills. His usage of an excellent introduction increases the urge of visitors to know more about him and his work. The bold colors and precise information work brilliantly so that the visitors are engaged and interested in the work.

Tom Parkes

Tom Parkes is a UI designer based in North East London. His portfolio is very different and unique; he focuses on user interface designs, 3D illustrations, creative direction, and brand design. His works include using bold and impressive color variants that highlight his work, which leaves a lasting impression on clients and employers.

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Peter Noah

He is a product designer based in New York who has worked as a creative director, art director, and UX designer. Peter has worked for many prominent companies like Getty Images, MediaMath, and New York Life. He has kept the about me section short and precise and lets his work speak about him. His experience and skills standouts and attract customers and employers.

Stefan Hiienurm

He is a user experience designer who mentions that his work focuses on bold and brave designs for his clients. He has worked for Mastercard, Airbnb, American Express, and many other prominent clients. Stefan’s portfolio is clear and precise, showcasing his work and skills. The text is limited as he lets his UI design do the talking. The key takeaway from Stefan’s portfolio is that he has used it to showcase his skills and creativity, attracting clients and employers as they want to know more about him and his work.

Bradley Haynes

He is a product designer whose portfolio is standouts with a unique home page. Bradley’s designs are creative masterpieces as he perfectly uses contemporary colors, typography, color combination, and bold colors. His about me section has no context, but it still stands out and makes a lasting impression.

Josie Allison

Her portfolio is versatile, clean, and minimalist. Josie’s work focuses on graphic designing, and her visual designs illustrate her skills and abilities, uplifting her portfolio. Her unique and unconventional work stands out among the crowd.

Jason Mei

He is a human-centered designer and a UI/UX designer. His portfolio is clean, straightforward, precise, and easy to navigate. Jason’s portfolio summarizes his background, work, and education and links to his previous work and area of interest.


These portfolios will help you and inspire you to create attractive and unique portfolios that reflect your skills, creativity, and body of work, which will help you get discovered by clients and employers.

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