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How to Prevent Infection after Joint Replacement Surgery?

Prevent Infection after Joint Replacement Surgery

One of the essential preoperative factors for reducing the risk of PJI is to optimize the patient’s general health before elective arthroplasty. All patients should be evaluated in pre-assessment clinics before elective TJA.

Antibiotics should always be considered before surgery. Prosthetic joint infection occurs when bacteria around a replaced joint become infected after surgery. It causes swelling, pain, and other more serious issues that, if not treated promptly, may necessitate a lengthy, painful, and costly treatment plan. In this post, ForceNewz shares the important tips to prevent infection after joint replacement surgery:

Tips to Prevent Infection after Joint Replacement Surgery

Ask Screening Patients for Staphylococcus Carriage

This is a type of bacteria that frequently causes joint infections. All hospital systems do not perform this simple test. Patients who are carriers are given an antibiotic ointment to put on their noses and special medicated wipes before surgery. This can decolonize the patient and reduce their infection risk. Ask the guidelines from the best orthopedic surgeon in Vadodara to prevent this infection.

Don’t Smoke

Patients who use nicotine are more likely to have wound healing issues. Wound healing issues can result in prosthetic joint infection, but people who quit smoking before surgery can reduce their infection risk. You need to quit the smoking habit after having your joint replacement surgeon in Vadodara.

Thus the above listed are about the ways to prevent infection after joint replacement surgery. If you adhere to these guidelines, you can help stop the infection after having knee replacement surgery.

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