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Who is the Best Carpet Cleaner in Melbourne?

Carpet Cleaner in Melbourne

What is carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is an aspect that homeowners often ignore. It is essential to know that just vacuuming is not enough; it needs deep and thorough cleaning, which can done by a professional carpet cleaning company, or you could go the DIY way. The carpets are exposed to dirt, allergens, bugs, and mites. In the long run, it can cause health issues like skin allergies or also trigger breathing trouble like asthma. So it is best to get your carpet professionally at least twice a year for a residential carpet and every four months for commercial carpets with high foot traffic. 

When it comes to getting your carpets cleaned in Melbourne, 99 Degree Steam Cleaning is your go-to solution. We offer high-quality services for residential, commercial, and industrial carpets. We provide carpet dry and steam cleaning services (Hot water extraction) for your precious carpets as professional carpet cleaner Melbourne use hi-tech equipment, cleaning solutions, and products to achieve a deeper level of cleaning with standard vacuum cleaning or DIY methods. This results in a clear, fresher, and healthier indoor environment for your loved ones. 

How does carpet cleaning work?

The professionals employ different cleaning methods that loosen the dirt and help to get rid of stubborn stains. One of the most effective carpet cleaning procedures is steam cleaning:

Steam Cleaning 

We offer carpet steam cleaning Melbourne service. In this method, hot water is injected into the carpet fabrics to clean it thoroughly. Our well-trained technicians use the equipment to do this:

  • They first inject a cleaning solution deep within the carpet fibres. 
  • The solution is later agitated with a brush that loosens the dirt and releases the odour and stain. 
  • The carpet is rinsed with hot water sprayed using a high-pressure hose, and the cleaning solution is vacuumed, which extracts the water, dirt and odour. 
  • A neutralizer is a spray that removes the residue and keeps the carpet cleaner for a more extended period. 

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Carpet Dry cleaning 

If you find drying the carpets a problem, then opt for a carpet dry cleaning Melbourne. This is a method for an office that cannot afford to waste time and wait for the carpet to dry. In this method, cleaning agents that have compounds or foam are used:

  • The cleaning solution is sprayed into the fibres of the carpets, along with a bit of water. 
  • The cleaning solution is well distributed using a brush or attachment.
  • it is later allowed to dry completely.
  • The water is subsequently removed with powerful suction equipment.

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a crucial element of our homes and offices. The carpets provide warmth, aesthetic appeal and comfort; however, if not appropriately cleaned and regular, they can become home to allergens, bugs, mites, bacteria, dirt and other filth. Here are some benefits of cleaning carpets that make it a crucial task for homeowners. 

#1 Helps to Get Rid of Allergens and Bacteria

One of the most important benefits of professional carpet cleaning is that it helps to get rid of bacteria and allergens. The carpet, in the long run, can become home for bacteria and allergens that can cause respiratory and skin allergies. The professional cleaners use specialized equipment and solutions to remove dirt and bacteria and effectively clean your carpet. 

#2 Extends the life of your Carpets

Regular carpet cleaning helps to extend the life of your carpets; over time, dirt and dust, along with natural wear and tear, damage the carpet fibres. The best carpet cleaning in Melbourne thoroughly assesses the carpet fibres and recommends the best carpet cleaning method to effectively clean the carpet, leaving it looking as good as new. 

#3 Removes Stubborn Stains

The best carpet cleaner Melbourne helps to get rid of stubborn stains. Whether it is a stain caused by a wine spill, pet urine or footprints, the best methods are employed, leaving your carpet spotless and sparkling clean!

#4 Enhanced the Indoor Quality

The dirt, allergens and bacteria can affect the indoor environment. Dirty and uncleaned carpets can cause an unpleasant smell and make the home or office uncomfortable. Professional carpet cleaners deeply clean the carpet, improving the indoor environment quality. 


So, if you are looking to thoroughly and deeply clean your carpet, hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne. 99 Degree Steam cleaning services can help you maintain your carpets, making them look better, cleaner, healthier and long-lasting carpets. We use the best equipment and tools to ensure your carpets are as good as new. To enjoy fresher-smelling and super clean carpets, book your carpet cleaning appointment today!

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