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India Qualify for WTC Final 2023

WTC Final 2023

WTC Final 2023

After winning New Zealand over Sri Lanka India qualified for the WTC Final second time and they will take on Australia in June 2023.

ICC confirmed right after winning over New Zealand on the last ball where Former Skipper Kane Williamson lead the side with a century and make it to a win for his team.

ICC has Twitted and officially announced that India is Qualified for WTC Final.

What are the chances for Sri Lanka to Qualify for WTC?

Well, Sri Lanka had only a chance that they have to win both the matches of the series if they wanted to Qualify for the WTC Final. Unfortunately, it won’t happen as Kane Williamson leads Kiwis to win in the first match and India Qualify for the WTC Final despite their ongoing match results.

WTC Final Date?

India led by Rohit Sharma makes its way again to the final of WTC which is going to be held in June 2023, and WTC Final Date is June 7, 2023, to June 11, 2023. The venue of the match is the Kensington Oval in the UK.

FAQ About WTC Final 2023:

1. Which team will play the WTC final in 2023?

Well, now it officially Confirms that INDIA and AUSTRALIA will face each other in WTC Final letter this year in June.

2. Can India play the WTC final in 2023?

Yes, India will play in the WTC Final 2023.

3. Who is going to play in the WTC final 2023?

India and Australia team is going to play WTC Final 2023.

4. Has India qualified for WTC?

Yes India is Qualify for WTC Final

5. What if India draws a 4th Test match?

No matter what the outcome from the last match as India is already qualified for WTC Final.

6. Is Reserve Day for WTC Final?

Yes, it has a reserve day.

7. Is Rishabh Pant will available for WTC Final?

Currently, there is no update released on it by BCCI.

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