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20 Best Places to Visit in India 2024

Best Places to Visit in India

Incredibly traditional, but always surprising, India is one of those destinations that ends up on every traveler’s bucket list at one time or another. The best places to visit in India are possible they may want to visit Agra to see the Taj Mahal in all its beauty, or visit the palaces scattered around Rajasthan good places to visit in India. Many people find themselves attracted to the breathtaking landscapes of Darjeeling and Rishikesh, as well as Goa’s stunning postcard-perfect beaches.

Popular and Best Places to Visit in India 2024

India’s big cities include New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata – each with its own distinctive character. There is no way to get bored while exploring the temple markets and vibrant streets of the largest Indian urban areas are the best places to visit in India. One of the most difficult aspects of traveling to India is exploring things to do on your trip. You can see the best cities to visit in India. No matter if you are taking an unforgettable backpacking trip or just a great vacation, make sure you are ready by checking out this list of top destinations to visit in India. Here we share the top tourist places in India.

1. Agra


If there was only one icon that represented the whole of India, it is the Taj Mahal. It is a landmark that attracts thousands of visitors to visit Agra every year. Many people wake up early in the morning and see the glow of the magnificent structure at dawn. It is true that Agra tops the top list of tourist destinations in India due to reasons beyond being the most popular tourist destination in the country.

The city of Uttar Pradesh is filled with the most famous places in Agra amazing Mughal structures, including the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah as well as the tomb of Akbar, which is decorated with marble hypnotic patterns from top to bottom. In addition, visitors can take a look at an additional UNESCO World Heritage Site: Agra Fort. With all the wonders of just one location, Agra is a must-visit city for travelers in India and also its best place to visit in India.

2. New Delhi

New Delhi

Despite the crowds and chaos, New Delhi offers tourists a lot to enjoy. The vibrant capital city of India is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Old Delhi includes some of the most popular tourist attractions in India such as the Jama Masjid, Red Fort, and Chandni Chowk shopping route. In the sprawling city, visitors can best delhi places to visit many other attractions that are of cultural and spiritual importance. Some of the top tourist destinations in New Delhi include the Lotus Temple; India Gate; Humayun’s Tomb and the world’s tallest minaret: Qutub Minar. Explore the stunning sights and stop by a tea shop on the street as well as high-end eateries.

3. Mumbai


Do you want to best places to visit in India? Visit the vibrant metropolitan city of Mumbai. It is home to high-end entrepreneurs and hot Bollywood actors. Tourists in the posh city of Mumbai can never get away from luxurious hotels and delicious eateries. Even if these activities aren’t within your budget, visiting the famous Marine Drive will make you feel like a king as you take in stunning beaches and glamorous Art Deco buildings. Mumbai’s Gulzar “Chor Bazaar” or Churchgate railway station also has an authentic and local aspect of Mumbai, where a large amount of freshly prepared lunches are stacked to be delivered daily to Mumbai’s office workers. Spend the whole day exploring the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and seeing the carvings of the ancient 2,000-year-old Kanheri cave.

4. Rajasthan


Translated into the “land of kings”, Rajasthan is replete with relics of queens and kings in the past. With its glittering palaces, majestic forts, and vibrant festive season, this state in the west should be a major part of your visit to India and the best place to visit in Udaipur with your family. Jaipur which is one of the cities of Jaipur, which is part of the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit, which includes Agra as well as New Delhi, is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Rajasthan. Called the “Paris of India“, Jaipur is famous for its iconic pink buildings and grand city palaces, and jewelry shops in abundance.

The “Blue City” Jodhpur offers tourists an unmatched experience of its top hill Mehrangarh Fort. Udaipur has a touch of romance, its flower-filled streets, and the magnificent City Palace Complex, where the royal family remains in the present day. Then there appears to be something from the Jaisalmer Arabian Nights fairy tale that has been brought to life by yellow sandstone buildings as well as the historic Hasli (mansion). You are anywhere in this state which is desert and you will be amazed by the beauty of Rajasthan.

5. Rishikesh


Rishikesh is an option for those who have been spiritually inclined since the mid-1960s when the Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh’s ashram. It is now an abandoned place that has turned into a popular tourist destination for those who love the band. The city is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and on the banks of the holy River Ganga and serves as a place for yoga and other pilgrimages. Take part in the fun or simply listen to the sound of temple bells and see the sights on the city’s two suspension bridges.

6. Varanasi


The world’s oldest continuously habitable city, Varanasi is arguably the holiest place in India. Spiritual activities are held on the holy River Ganga, where pilgrims bathe and bury mourners loved ones who have died. On the other hand, tourists can find their spirituality to go on a boat trip at sunrise, skipping the offerings of flowers burning in the water, and going to the fiery Hindu ceremony of chanting at the top of the ghats. In addition to the lake, the streets of the city’s historic center are a winding and winding endless labyrinth. Legend says that there is no road map of Varanasi, but once you explore the labyrinthine city on your own it will be hard to believe. November to February is the best month to visit Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India.

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7. Amritsar


Amritsar is known as the “Jewel of Punjab“, which has caught the attention of the world with its stunning Golden Temple. The Guild Temple, the holiest place on earth for Sikhs, is something to shine in the sunlight as it is reflected in the huge lake surrounded by the temple. It also has the world’s largest community kitchen serving 100,000 guests (including visitors who are curious!) throughout the day.

Make sure in Amritsar that you travel to the border between India and Pakistan to watch the Beating Reset ceremony. Security guards from countries opposed to India and Pakistan have long been able to open and close borders in the evening, in an extravagant ceremony that you will never forget. Get up early and listen to the echo of Bollywood music and meet locals on the road.

8. Goa


The country is not just full of big cities and holy sites, it has stunning beaches in the goa tourist places in India. The golden beaches of the Arabian Sea offer something for any type of traveler whether you want to spend time with a backpacker group in casual beaches or are taking a luxurious tropical vacation at a luxury resort. The most distinctive thing about Goa is its blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. This is evident all over the place, including baroque architecture, cathedrals, and churches, as well as its fiery vindaloo curry, seafood, and other cuisines.

9. Kerala


Travel south of Goa to Goa, and you’ll be exchanging beaches for quiet backwaters in Kerala. There’s nothing quite like riding an old-fashioned houseboat, whose roof is located in Alleppey (also known as Alappuzha) as you slowly cruise along palm-lined rivers and lagoons for an overnight or day trip. The water has freshly prepared Indian food as well as breathtaking, gorgeous natural landscapes as well as wildlife.

A relaxed Kerala is like breathing fresh air after the hustle and bustle of cities like New Delhi and Jaipur in the north. Take the time to travel when you’re looking to escape the chaos.

10. Ajanta along with Ellora Caves

Ajanta along with Ellora Caves

It’s not a possibility for travelers yet, though you can do it in the Ajanta caves and Ellora caves of Maharashtra. The caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these caves are adorned with intricate designs that date back at least 1500 years to their best tourist places in India during the rainy season. The Ajanta caves are the oldest of the two tourist attractions with about 30 Buddhist cave temples that have been cut into rocks since the 2nd century BC.

About 100 km southwest Ellora caves are home to more than thirty-six Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu sculptures. The most famous of them is the Kailasa Temple (Cave 16) which is a huge structure dedicated to Lord Shiva with life-size elephant statues. The amazing carvings found on the two sites will surely surprise you.

11. Darjeeling


The sights of India cannot be more perfect than seeing in Darjeeling. Darjeeling, a hill station located in West Bengal, is beloved for its lush tea gardens, breathtaking mountain ranges that are covered with snow (including Khangchendzonga, the world’s third-highest peak), and serene Buddhist monasteries. This is the best spot to organize trekking or mountain biking trips.

A very famous way to spend time in Darjeeling is to go for a ride along the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Powered by an old steam engine, the 140-year-old “toy train” is a two-hour train that takes visitors on a thrilling ride running between Darjeeling and Ghum. It is often considered one of the most picturesque train rides around the world December’s best place to visit in India.

12. Kolkata


India’s third largest city, Kolkata, is a shabby masterpiece of former British India that is replete with colonial-era architecture. Some of the top things to see in Kolkata is to visit the Victoria Memorial, a white marble monument with an extensive museum that has dozens of galleries. It also has Park Street, a famous avenue with restaurants and shops that are crowded all the time, especially when it’s a time of year.

However, Kolkata is just as much about its places as emotions. It’s a city that’s sure to spark all your emotions, with all the ups and downs of everyday life that are at a glance in every street. Take your time, and be prepared to be open to what you see.

13. Ahmedabad


Gujarat’s most populous city, Ahmedabad is a bustling, congested metropolis that manages to win over travelers traveling to the city. Ahmedabad was awarded the highly sought-after designation of India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City in 2017. It was chosen for the importance of Hindu and Jain temples as well as its beautiful architectural style, gates, and walls.

On the western bank of the Sabarmati River, tourists can roam around the Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhi’s headquarters from 1917 to 1930. Its museum has a fascinating look into Gandhi’s life as an Indian Gandhi, as well as iconic images of his glasses, as well as a rotating wheel. Consume street food when you are there – some people claim it’s the best anywhere in India.

14. Shimla


As temperatures rise within New Delhi and other cities located in North India, tourists and city goers alike visit the cold temperatures in the hills, which is one of the most famous Shimla. best couple of tourist places in India cloudy skies and the edges of the wild hills provide a pleasant place to escape the scorching heat and a delightful place to enjoy the entire weekend. The atmosphere of the city’s central hill, where traffic restrictions on vehicles are as comfortable as in quaint suburbs.

If you are visiting this area then take a trip to Kalka-Shimla Railway which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 96.6-km-long railway has been in operation for over a century and is known for its spectacular panorama and unique vintage experiences you can enjoy your December best places to visit in India.

15. Manali


In a hot country like India, the cold temperatures in the hilly cities of the country is a welcome relief. Manali is one of the most sought-after destinations among foreigners and locals alike. Manali is located within Himachal Pradesh, the high-altitude tourist city of the Himalayas offers a convenient trip to Jaipur, New Delhi, or Punjab. The tourist-friendly Old Manali neighborhood is filled with chill-out cafes and great dining establishments, And to stay in homes that allow visitors to experience the authentic way of life it’s the best cold places to visit in India.

Manali can also be a great place to enjoy amazing outdoor activities in the beautiful region of North India. From Manali, you can explore the Parvati Valley, do paragliding and climb the Pir Panjal mountain range, or do white water rafting along the Beas River. Local outfitters are able to help plan as well as rent gear.

16. Mysore


Despite being culturally diverse, South India is as captivating as North India. You only need to go to Mysore to experience it for yourself. The third largest city of Karnataka is considered to be the cultural capital of the state. It is famous for its fine silk, Mysore painting tradition as well as Hindu temples of hypnotism, featuring deities close to the cloud and the best places to visit for couples in India.

Most of the tourists come to Mysore for the palace which is listed as a World Heritage. The attraction is a must-see that takes Indian grandeur to a new level, with endless mirror decorations, stained glass windows, wood-carved doors, and intricately crafted mosaic floors that resemble the inside view of a multi-colored kaleidoscope. The palace is considered to be one of the best examples of Indo-Saracenic architecture. Make sure you stop by to see the castle in the evening, as the castle is illuminated with millions of Twinkle lighting.

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17. Ladakh


Located in the Karakoram and Zanskar mountains, Ladakh offers tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring desert alpine. Traveling through the winding roads of this region gives a breathtaking natural view followed by the next submerged valleys, bubbling streams, snow-capped mountains, etc. Leh, the attractive capital of Ladakh, is at an altitude of 3,500 feet above sea level. Therefore, you will need to stay for at least a few days for altitude before starting any strenuous activities and it’s the best place to visit in India.

Ladakh was not open to tourists until 1974. Due to its location which is difficult to reach and has long periods of isolation, the area dominated by Buddhists has preserved a personal cultural identity as well as an almost “untouched” impression and the most beautiful hill stations in India. The old city of Leh has Buddhist temples and monasteries, and countless colorful prayer flags that fly over the air.

18. Kodagu


Take a look at the Panna hills of Kodagu which are always covered with a thick cloud of mist and you will quickly understand why this hill town is called the “Scotland of India“. The city was formerly known as Coorg, and one of the major attractions of the area is the spice and coffee plantations. A visit to the historic farms provides visitors with a closer view of how to grow and make these foods. The stunning scenery is a great place to see birds and hike, especially during the Western Ghats and good tourist places in India and these are the best places to visit in India.

Other things that are popular in Kodagu are watching the 21-meter Abbey Falls after the rainy season, listening to the mantras of monks at the famous Golden Temple of Namdroling Monastery, visiting the 17th century Madikeri Fort and watching elephants being washed away at the Dubare Elephant Camp.

19. Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are the must-visit destination in India when you are looking for an unforgettable beach vacation. The islands will delight you with powder-white beaches surrounded by coconut palm, sand, and turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, as well as dense forests. Postcards cannot even capture the splendor of this beautiful place. The remoteness of the island and the proximity of mainland India to Indonesia is a problem for those who want to visit one of the few islands accessible to tourists best places to visit in india. It is necessary to fly an international flight to an important Indian city like Chennai, New Delhi, or Mumbai. If you are brave, go on a long ferry trip through the Bay of Bengal in India. However, it is worthwhile. This will give you some of the best beaches in itself. You will also have the opportunity to observe unusual birds and vibrant coral reefs. Those who love history and culture are also sure to enjoy exploring these Victorian British ruins on Ross Island and being buried by the jungle.

20. McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj

Did you know that you can visit the Dalai Lama’s residence on a visit to India? The home of this Tibetan spiritual leader is located in the Tsuglagkhang complex, an enclave of monks located in the hill town of McLeod Ganj.

In the evening, you will see the monks engaged in heated arguments with each other in the central area of the courtyard. Explore the temple to see pilgrims (many of them out of Tibet) turning prayer wheels while bowing themselves in prayer. You can also see the throne and the temple where the Dalai Lama teaches. The Dalai Lama gives his teachings. In addition, there is a modest Tibet Museum on site, which offers visitors a greater appreciation of the challenges faced by Tibetans under Chinese occupation through photographic exhibitions as well as a video.

Sugalagkhang’s campus is enough to visit McLeod Ganj, however, there are many other sites throughout Dharamsala. Learn from artisans and experience traditional Tibetan techniques, including the wood carving process and Thangka painting within the Norbulingka Institute. Norbulingka Institute. One traveled nine kilometers to Triund Hill to view the majestic Dhauladhar mountains. When you arrive at the Bhagsu Waterfall, be sure to visit the Bhagsunag Temple, to see the sacred ancient pools that are believed to contain water that is healing best places to visit in India.

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