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Is India Qualify for Cricket World Cup 2023?

Is India Qualify for Cricket World Cup 2023

As we near the commercial end of the Cricket World Cup 2023 qualification route, 15 teams are still in the race for the final three available venues. In 2019, 32 teams had secured 10 places, seven have already made it to the ICC World Cup 2023, while 10 teams have been out of the race.

The final stages of the Super League, the Cricket World Cup qualifiers, and the qualifier playoffs will all decide how the final venues will be determined. Six months before the start of the Cricket World Cup, let’s take a look at what the ground currently looks like.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Spots:

The following seven teams are already qualified for the ICC world cup 2023:

  1. India
  2. New Zealand
  3. England
  4. Australia
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Pakistan
  7. Afghanistan

The next cricket world cup has Seven places out of eight that have been decided, with England currently leading the competition with 155 points (15 wins and not one result). Six other teams already have points that ensure a place in the top eight, with Afghanistan’s 115 points (11 wins and not a result) being the lowest for already safe teams. New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Australia also with their accumulated points.

Five lower-level teams of the Super League will travel to Zimbabwe from June 18 for the Cricket World Cup qualifiers.

Automatic World Cup spots left to be claimed from Super League: 1

In the running for the final spot: West Indies, Sri Lanka, Ireland, and South Africa

The failure to finish eighth for the four teams may not end, but automatically securing a place in the World Cup will be a big relief to those teams who want to go through the playfulness of the qualifiers.

The West Indies are currently placed eighth and last (88 points), though they have already completed their 24-match cycle and will have to watch the rest of the tournament play without their influence. Their troubles were compounded when two points were deducted from their total due to a slow over-rate against New Zealand in August, opening the doors for the team chasing the target.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, With 10 points on winning the tournament, Sri Lanka (77 points) and Ireland (68 points) have three matches left to overtake the West Indies in their campaign. Sri Lanka is in New Zealand to conclude their campaign, while Ireland will host Bangladesh in May. South Africa (78 points) have two matches left in the meantime, both against the Netherlands in the home make-up series.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Confirm Spots:

Team Qualifying Path
India Tournament Hosts
Afghanistan Top eight Super League finish
Australia Top eight Super League finish
Bangladesh Top eight Super League finish
England Top eight Super League finish
New Zealand Top eight Super League finish
Pakistan Top eight Super League finish

FAQ about the Next Cricket World Cup 2023

1. ICC world cup 2023 held in which country?

  • ICC world cup 2023 will be held in India.

2. Which is the 2023 world cup hosting country?

  • India is the 2023 world cup hosting country

3. How many Teams directly qualify?

  • 8 Teams will directly qualify for the ICC world cup 2023.

4. Who is the ICC world cup 2023 host?

  • The ICC world cup 2023 host is India.

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