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45+ Upcoming Latest IPO List 2024 Updated

upcoming IPO list

Upcoming IPOs in 2024

In the ever-changing and dynamic landscape of the financial market, the Initial Public Offering (IPO) has everybody’s attention. As we enter 2024, various companies are gearing up for their IPO launch. Here is an insight into the much-awaited upcoming IPO in 2024 that is expected to grab attention in the financial world. 

The following Table Shows the Upcoming IPO list for 2024:

Name of the CompanyIssue Size in Rs. Crores (Tentative)IPO Date (Tentative)
Ola Electric Mobility LimitedRs 5,5002024
Stallion India Fluorochemicals LimitedYet to be announced2024
Emcure Pharmaceuticals LimitedYet to be announced2024
Gopal Snacks LimitedYet to be announced2024
Biba Fashion LimitedYet to be announced2024
SRM Contractors LimitedYet to be announced2024
Capital Small Finance Bank LimitedYet to be announced2024
JNK India LimitedYet to be announced2024
Akash InstituteYet to be announced2024
FirstCryRs 1,8162024
PhonePeYet to be announced2024
PharmEasyRs. 6,2502024
Stanley Lifestyles LimitedYet to be announced2024
SwiggyYet to be announced2024
Allied Blenders & Distillers LtdYet to be announced2024
ESDS Software Solution LtdYet to be announced2024
Navi TechnologiesYet to be announced2024
SnapdealYet to be announced2024
Fabindia LimitedYet to be announced2024
Uma Converter LimitedYet to be announced2024
Jana Small Finance BankYet to be announced2024
Vibhor Steel Tubes LimitedYet to be announced2024
PayMate India LtdYet to be announced2024
AKME Fintrade India LimitedYet to be announced2024
Asirvad Microfinance LimitedYet to be announced2024
Kronox Lab Sciences LimitedYet to be announced2024
Polymatech Electronics LimitedYet to be announced2024
Entero Healthcare Solutions LtdYet to be announced2024
ESDS Software Solution LtdYet to be announced2024
Jyoti CNC Automation LtdYet to be announced2024
Keventer AgroYet to be announced2024
Saraswati Saree Depot LtdYet to be announced2024
Lohia Corp LtdYet to be announced2024
Waaree EnergiesYet to be announced2024
Course5 Intelligence LtdYet to be announced2024
AKME Fintrade (India) LtdYet to be announced2024
Infinion Biopharma LtdYet to be announced2024
R & B Infra Project LtdYet to be announced2024
Go Digit InsuranceYet to be announced2024
VLCC Health CareYet to be announced2024
J G ChemicalsYet to be announced2024
Mukka ProteinsYet to be announced2024
Sresta Natural Bioproducts ltdYet to be announced2024
Juniper Hotels LimitedYet to be announced2024
Aadhar Housing FinanceYet to be announced2024
Asianet Satellite Communications ltdYet to be announced2024
ByjusYet to be announced2024

Ola Electric

Ola Electric, a subsidiary of Ola, plans to begin its IPO early in 2024. Despite the challenges associated with security concerns as well as customer service, Ola Electric has experienced an impressive increase in earnings. It is evident in the rapid change from a cab aggregator to an industry-leading electric vehicle maker.


Founder: Bhavish Aggarwal

Founded in: 2017


PhonePe is a pioneer in the field of digital payment in India and the world and is scheduled to announce its initial public offering in 2024-2025. Recent valuations of the company were around Rs. 12 billion. Presently, PhonePe is aiming to be a part of a variety of electronic payment segments. In light of the company’s recent expansion and development, investors are anticipating the release of its IPO in 2024.


Founder: Sameer Nigam, Burzin Engineer, Rahul Chari

Founded in: 2015

Aakash (Byju’s Subsidiary)

Aakash, which was purchased from Byju In 2021, hopes to go public with its IPO in the middle of 2024. When it joined Aakash along with Byjus, its profits increased by three times. Aakash is expecting to make the sum of Rs. 4000 crore in revenues and the equivalent of Rs. 990 crore of EBITDA for the period 2023-24. Aside from that, Aakash is also one of the top players in the market for test preparation. With its impressive expansion in recent times, The announcement of its IPO is a great opportunity for prospective investors.


Founder: J. C. Chaudhry

Founded in: 1988

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With its excellent record of financial performance, PharmEasy is hoping to start its IPO shortly. Tata PharmEasy owns the company; the company earns an annual revenue exceeding the amount of Rs. 3,950 crore. After Pharmeasy gets approval from the Competition Commission of India (CCI), Rajan Pai is expected to hold approximately 15 percent of the business. The proceeds from the IPO are used to reduce the company’s debt as well as help the company grow.


Founder: Dharmil Sheth and Dhaval Shah

Founded in: 2015

OYO Rooms

The primary goal of getting funds from the public comes in the repayment of a large part of the company’s obligations. Therefore, the date for the launch of OYO Rooms’ IPO of OYO Rooms is delayed. In the initial filing to launch an IPO, The company has since amended the prospectus in its red herring draft with SEBI. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The amount issue was cut by nearly half and could be increased through the primary issue of shares.


Founder: Ritesh Agarwal

Founded in: 2013


Swiggy is a major participant in the food delivery business and is expected to become public by 2024. The IPO of the company, once announced, is expected to reflect the expansion and its position in the market. Zomato is the company’s main competitor. Swiggy is the next food delivery service to be made public following Zomato.


Founders: Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini

Founded in: 2014

First Cry

First Cry, a popular online service for children’s childcare, plans to be listed in 2024. It is a startup based in Pune. Based on recent reports, First Cry will launch its IPO shortly after 2024’s Lok Sabha elections.


Founders: Supam Maheshwari, Amitava Saha, Prashant Jadhav, Sanket Hattimattur

Founded in: 2010

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MobiKwik is partnered that are forged with DAM Capital Advisors and SBI Capital Markets. Thanks to their support, the company hopes to conduct its IPO and generate around the sum of Rs. 84 crore. Even though its IPO debut has been delayed, the IPO is expected to begin in 2024. It is one of the largest mobile wallets, and it offers pay-later services. It’s beneficial to small and medium-sized enterprises that are considering public offerings in India.


Founder: Bipin Preet Singh

Founded in: 2008

This was the list of some of the most significant companies that are aiming for IPO in 2024. Investors should keep themselves updated about the IPO news and updates before investing. This will help you make smart and informed decisions. To know more about the upcoming IPO in 2024 and financial information, follow Forcenewz to stay ahead!

FAQs on 2023 Upcoming IPOs:

Can I Modify or Cancel My IPO Application?

Investors can modify or cancel an application within the bid period. Here is the procedure to follow.

  • The investor has to fill out a revision form to revise the application and give it to the syndicate member.
  • To withdraw the IPO application, go to the order book and choose to cancel the IPO. The bank will release the blocked amount within two working days.

What is IPO Issue Size?

IPO size refers to the total monetary value of the IPO, which is calculated by multiplying the total number of shares by the price per share.

How to Apply Online for an Upcoming IPO?

The online process to apply for an IPO is a simple one. Investors can apply from stock brokers’ websites or mobile apps using UPI as a payment option.

Log in to the console and enter the required UPI handle details before bidding. All IPO applications are supported by an application supported by ASBA or blocked amount, which allows the bank to block the amount for the bid price until the IPO.

What Do You Mean by IPO Funding?

IPO funding is a loan given by NBFCs to retail investors, high-net-worth individuals, and corporate entities to apply for initial public offerings. The applicant pays only a small amount as a margin; The lender funds the rest.

Where Will I Get the Application Form for the Upcoming IPO?

To apply for an IPO you need to download the ASBA form. There are two ways to get an ASBA form – the form provided by the broker through which you apply. And second, downloading a blank form from NSE or BSE website.

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