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World Cup 2023: Shubman Gill Should Not Be Brought Into the Team by Indian Team Due to Illness Claims Sanjay Bangar

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Sanjay Bangar is of the view of the opinion that Shubman Gill shouldn’t be rushed back to the team by team managers following the illness that he suffered ahead of the match against Australia. Gill is suffering from dengue and is doubtful of playing in India’s World Cup 2023 first game.

World Cup match In short
  • Gill was diagnosed with dengue. He could be out of the game against Australia.
  • Bangar told Bangar that Gill is keen to return to the field.
  • Bangar advised that the team’s management needs to look to save Gill to play in the World Cup.
  • Sanjay Bangar doesn’t want Indian opener Shubman Gill to be forced into the squad following his illness in the lead-up to of World Cup opening match against Australia.

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Shubman Gill’s involvement in the first World Cup match against Australia on 8 October 2023 in the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai is in doubt because of health concerns. The test showed positive for dengue and he has been suffering from high fever following his arrival in Chennai. However, due to his health issues, it isn’t clear if he will be out of playing at this point. The final decision is taken by the medical team in light of his progress with recovery.

The coach of India, Rahul Dravid, provided an update regarding Gill’s health and said that although Gill’s fitness to play in the Australia match wasn’t verified he was not denied either. Dravid said that Gill felt good and was expected to be assessed by the medical team. If Gill’s recovery is slower than anticipated, he will not be able to participate in the games against Afghanistan on the 11th of October and Pakistan on the 14th of October.

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Gill’s possible absence may pose an enormous challenge to the squad, considering the way he performed during the season. Gill scored 1,230 runs in 20 games at an average of 72.35 during ODI matches this season. If Gill will not be available to play on Sunday, Ishan Kishan could potentially take his place.


Shubman Gill's


According to Star Sports, Bangar said that Gill is eager to return to the field. The former India batsman suggested that team managers aren’t looking to rush Gill back into the squad because it’s an extremely long-running match.

Bangar advised that the team’s management needs to be looking to secure the services of the 24-year-old player over the remainder of the tournament.

“Even even if he’s barely fit, he wants to go out to be a player and protect himself against Australia who have he had fun playing. As a young man and wants to leave an impression in the competition and doesn’t want to skip any of those matches.”

“We all have been through the same situation the player is. It is very good to the Indian team, that they believe that he’s a good player but we’ll have to wait and see the outcome. It’s not my intention to hurry him back as the tournament is long. Chennai has humidity and is very soaking on the body. If he must be absent from a match, it’s okay. Don’t rush him back. Save him for the remainder of the game,” said Bangar.

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