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The Cinematic Experience: A Totally Killer Movie Review 2023

Totally Killer

A Totally Killer Movie Review 2023:

“Halloween” is a mash-up of “Halloween,” a classic, mixed up with “Back to the Future” in the completely snarky and intelligent “Totally Killer.”

The tangled genre blend directed by Nahnatchka Khan (“Always Be My Maybe” “Fresh Off the Boat”) is a funny fish-out-of-water comedy that is filled with hilarious jokes, paired with science fiction that seems to make sense. In fact, the terror aspect of the horror film is its weakest element, however “Totally Killer” is funny enough to keep you entertained throughout.

It’s mainly due to the incredibly engaging performance of Kiernan Shipka. The actor naturally has the ability to deliver fast-paced dialogue as well as the ability to play dramatically and navigate difficult tonal changes. The script by David Matalon & Sasha Perl-Raver and Jen D’Angelo requires the “Mad Men” actor to change from an ebullient teen daughter to an intrepid detective She pulls it effortlessly.

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It’s Halloween evening, 2023 the Shipka’s Jamie Hughes is getting ready for a night out with her pals. The mother of her child, Pam (Julie Bowen), is obviously concerned for her child’s safety: 35 years ago, just before Halloween, three teenage girls were murdered in the”so-called Sweet Sixteen Killings have defined the small town for decades. When Jamie is accidentally transported back in time to 1987 using the timeline, the actress discovers she is able to end the murders and change the course of the past.

She thinks so. One of the main plot points that occurs in “Totally Killer” is the fact that no one believes Jamie as she attempts to get them off her guard, even the hilariously ineffective sheriff of the town (Khan’s frequent guest star Randall Park). Cultural shock scenes astonish these modern-day young women, including casual misogyny and constant smoking.

These observations are nevertheless of sufficient uniqueness to make them stand out over a generic perception of “The 1980s,” am I right?” “Totally Killer” includes a variety of songs that are different from the types of songs that we hear from films from the past such as Bananarama’s “Venus” as well as Echo and The Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon” to “Let the Music Play” from Shannon.

totally killer movie review

Jamie has to insinuate herself into those who could be victims in addition to the teenage character of her mom which she’s shocked to discover was their favorite girlfriend and the ringleader they had. Olivia Holt is superbly cast as the young Pam in a variety of ways, not only due to the fact that she is akin to Bowen to a great extent but also because she’s highly skilled with comedy as well as the ferocity required by her role.

Hairy as well as Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers are everywhere in the scene as Jamie attempts to explain the consequences for the people in this film, which is inspired by horror film tropes If they refuse to pay attention to her. But they won’t.

“Totally Killer” offers a few interesting choices regarding storytelling. It even flashes back into the past, if you’ll take it as a pun, in order to inform us of how things are going in the present time, even though Jamie remains in 1987 (although the subplot that involves murder shows up as simple and uninteresting).

The film also offers a sharp eye-witness glance at the isolation of life in small towns and the way the high school years could leave you stuck within a particular area, as well as back in the past. They know all about one another because they’ve been part of each other’s space for years. His astonishment and deadpan humor cut into the false nostalgic notion that the 1980s were simpler and more affluent.

Furthermore, there’s no room to waste, as a murderer is in the making And Jamie is required to keep him from getting away. It’s actually the most intriguing aspect of “Totally Killer” since the slasher-themed scenes don’t have a stage, a camera, or edited using a lot of nimbleness. Stabbing a victim in the water bed like this one is in all ways sloppy. The motive and identity of the perpetrator are not more compelling than the final woman who saves the day and the decade that follows.

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